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I'm a composer/sound designer working in Los Angeles. Presently I'm writing music for feature films, short films, TV and radio. Also looking for bands and artists to produce and write with.

Born in Helsinki, Finland, I studied music theory, composition, trumpet and orchestral percussion at Kuopio Music Conservatory, Finland. Recorded 3 albums with progressive rock group, Finnforest along with my brother Pekka. We both wrote the material for the band. In Finland I worked as an engineer/producer with several top artists and bands as well as my own groups, in studio and live.

As a drummer I toured in Europe with jazz_world music group “Piirpauke,”. I toured the United States with “Havana Black,” a bluesy, hard rock group, signed to Capitol Records in 1990. Rehearsal_session work as a drummer with Guns n’ Roses.

Since 1992, I worked in Los Angeles as a writer, producer and mixing engineer in Los Angeles. In addition to percussion, drums and trumpet, I’ve studied tenor saxophone and play keyboards, bass and guitar. I use Logic Pro for programming and Pro Tools for sound design/editorial.

In Los Angeles I’ve worked with Peter Criss, Boxing Gandhis, Jeff Silbar, HOG, Ovis, David Hasselhoff, Michael Damian, Midnight To Six, Indus Creed, Crucial Nellie, FyDolla Ho (Shawnie Smith), Lori Russo, Cellmates, Leroy, Baby And The Tongue, Tangerine, So So Human and others. Produced and mixed songs for an album by Jeff Silbar (“Wind Beneath My Wings”).

I’ve worked with Groove Addicts (Santa Monica, CA) writing music for TV and radio commercials and jingles (Cheer, Cadillac, O3, Radio Wien, Capital FM, Radio 1).

In 2008 I wrote the score for an independent movie, “Follow  The Prophet”, directed by Drew Rosenberg.

I have worked with Louise Goffin and Jeff Silbar helping them by playing on their recent songs they’ve written together and mixing them. I also finished mixing a record for Royalush, a Los Angeles band.

A finnish group Kulumo mixed their record here and I mastered it in late Dec ’09. It’s improvised music according to it’s leader/main writer, Pekka Tegelman.

I produced a CD "In Vino Veritas" for a pop-punk band Costello at Nevermind Ranch in 2006.

Although it's not really music per se, I did sound design work for a couple of  Nightwish records, including the latest one “Imaginaerum” , on which I also played a music box theme.

I played drums on and mixed my old friend's, Jayesh Gandhi's record “Electrik Buddha” in 2011.

In July 2013 I did a session with Max Pokrovksy from Moscow bamd, Nogu Svelo!.

In 1996, I began working as a sound designer, editor and composer in film/post production (some of my movie credits can be found on


“Follow The Prophet”

Red Road Productions                                                               


"Highlander-Search for Vengeance"

Anime/Japan/Imagi Studios                                                     




"Contract Killer"

TriStar/Screenland Pictures

Columbia TriStar/Silver Nitrate/



"This Girls Life"

This Girl’s Life Inc.



Mindvision Pictures (short)



Angel Heart Films (short)                          

"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"

(Teaser Trailer 2006) 





"The Prisoner"

Screenland Pictures


"Free Enterprise"

Mindfire Entertainment


"Sex and A Girl"

Independent Feature


"Mambo Café"



“Virgin Suicides”



"100 Mile Rule"

Road Rules Productions


"Never Get Outta Boat"

Blow Up Pictures/Lot 47 Films


"This Girls Life"

This Girl’s Life Inc.                                   


Cadillac CTS (TV-commercial)

Cheer (TV)


Capital FM London

Radio One London