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The studio consists of 2 rooms, about 200 sq ft each. The recording area has a vaulted ceiling and flag stone floor. The ceiling and walls can be covered with fabric or left plain painted dry wall. The stone floor can obviously covered with carpet to tone it down.

The main system at Nevermind Ranch is run by MacPro 8-core (3,5 Ghz), with Pro Tools 10HD with Native Card and Omni I/O, and Logic 9.

In addition to Logic's own synths etc., I do have several sampler libraries for EXS24 and Digi's old SampleCell, Akai, Iris, Kontakt, Omnisphere, Reaktor.  For orchestral stuff I do use mainly Vienna Symphonic Library and their sampler instrument.

I do have another system at Sony, which is a duplicate, except run by a 12 core MacPro (2.4Ghz).

Panasonic/Ramsa DA7 is mainly there for monitoring purposes since everything is done inside the box. I use Euphonix MC Control and Artist Mix for mixing.

Nevermind Ranch has a 5.1 speaker system by M&K 150 series. Pair of Amphion Two15's (Finnish company) and Tannoy PBM 6.5's. At Sony, we have a JBL 4328P 5.1 system.

The keyboards are Yamaha S80 and AN1X, couple of USB controllers, Roland Octapad controller for mainly playing percussion samples. Midi boxes include: Roland JV-1010, Korg MR1, Peavey DPM Bass, Alesis D4, but like I mentioned earlier, I haven't touched those much lately.

There’re 2 Sonor kits with Sabian cymbals. Hand drums for all over the world. Bodhran, dumbek, talking drum, tambourines, gongs and other percussion. A smaller club kit from Groove Percussion.